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Memorial created 08-14-2008 by
Christine Underwood
Laura Therese Underwood Hryhoriak
July 14 1976 - July 12 2007

Brandy - Feb 2008

Mama, why did you have to leave so soon?
Why did you have to die?
I want to tell you that I love you and that I always did.
I miss you.
I wish I could see you one more time.
I have memories.
The memories of your laugh, your smile, your large loving brown eyes.
The good times — the time when we were still a family.
Do you remember that time?
It seems so long ago - so very long.
I bet you do.
I love you mama!


Missin' you

It's hard for me to tell you I love you
As I'm standing over your grave
And I know I'll never hear your voice again
Why did you leave me
Why couldn't you just stay
Because my world is nothing without you
Now I don't know what to do with myself


Dear Mum

I have missed u so much, I wish I could say how have you been but I can’t cause you have gone and left me, but I can’t do anything about it - all I can do is just stay strong and keep my head up.

Nan and I are going to the Bay today and are going to have a wonderful time but it would be so much better with you.  I made it in to the union team in footy at school I’m really proud about myself and I’m sure you are too for me.

 I watched the funeral video a couple of days ago it was a bit upsetting. I wish you were still here mum - it’s a bit so gay that everyone else has a mum and not me - I just think it’s so unfair?

Talk to u soon mummy xxxxx miss ya always



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