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Memorial created 08-14-2008 by
Christine Underwood
Laura Therese Underwood Hryhoriak
July 14 1976 - July 12 2007

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Laura Hryhoriak, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Laura's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Laura forever.

Laura was born in Canberra, ACT on Wednesday, 14 July 1976 at the old Canberra Hospital (now demolished) in Acton. She was a premi bub and so we had to wait several weeks for her to come home and complete our family. That she did so well. She was the baby sister to brothers Peter and twins Justin and Damian. She was a happy go lucky girl and when remembered, people remember her smile with those cute dimples.

When she was 12 years old, she was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and for the first 12 months she was pretty good about it all. After that, she didn't quite do the right thing by herself and started to neglect her disease.

When she left school at age 16, she studied to become a beauty therapist and when she graduated, she began a successful business from home.

January 10th, 1997, she gave birth to her most precious son Brandy. He was to become the apple of her eye. She took never-ending video and photos of him and he was like her little doll to play with. They were more like sister and brother than mother and son. She took delight in all of his achievements and always told him how much she loved him. They constantly touched and played and thoroughly enjoyed each other.

When Brandy was 8, his father became a constant in his life and coerced him to begin running away from home to his father's place. Legal battles ensued and Brandy lived with his mum 1 week and his dad the next. February 23rd 2007, his dad refused to let Brandy come back to his mum. 11 July 2007, Laura came to me and told me that she couldn't do this anymore. I told her she could as we were nearly at the end of the battle.  Thursday, 12 July, she took copious amounts of antidepressants and vodka and went to the only peace she could find. I found her on the 13th July - 1 day before her 31st birthday. She looked so peaceful - as if she was asleep. I am so thankful that I was able to lie with her for some time before they took her away.

Laura, I don't know how I have survived without you. You always said that I was the strong one but you don't know how wrong you are. I carry an intolerable grief within my heart and I don't think it will ever heal - I will just have to learn to cope with it. You were supposed to bury me, not I you. A very wise friend told me when a man who loses his wife he is a widower, a woman a widow, a child an orphan. But there is no word for a parent who loses a child as it just should never occur. I know you have found peace and happiness with all the family in heaven and I know that you are watching Brandy and me from there. I miss you with all of my heart darling girl. Till we meet again, you have my love now and forever. Your loving mum, Christine XXX


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