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Memorial created 08-14-2008 by
Christine Underwood
Laura Therese Underwood Hryhoriak
July 14 1976 - July 12 2007

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07-05-2010 10:57 PM -- By: Your AMAZING niece :) ,  From:  

Ohh I'm back again :P

I forgot to tell you, you should see Brandy now!!! He is the most attractive boy out there :) I'm not even kidding! He was at my formal last year and all the girls were hitting on him and asking me how old he was and I was like, he's just a baby!! Lol. Better not let him hear me say that!

Love you


07-05-2010 10:54 PM -- By: Your AMAZING niece :) ,  From:  

Hello :)

So I was listening to the radio and then this song from Kiss came on ( Can't for the life of me remember what it's called lol) and I thought of you and your taste in music :P

Hahahaa I remember the arguments. Lol. And then it got me thinking about the times when 'Don't Feel Like Dancing' by the Scissor Sisters would come on the radio in the car and Nana would dance to it like she was constipated or having some weird fit or something. Lol.

Seriously, that was one of the funniest moments of my life and we laughed until we wet ourselves. I don't think that you had ever laughed so hard! You couldn't breathe!!! Lol.

I miss you so much. You have no idea.

I love you so much Aunty Laura.

Love forever always,

Jess Xx

06-07-2010 3:34 AM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Hello sweet lady

Just popping in to say hi and let you know I am thinking of you Laura.

Your mum has so much heartache from your loss. I must keep in touch more with her but time just passes by.

May you always be peacefiul in the arms of the Lord. Nite sweety


06-02-2010 5:58 AM -- By: Christine,  From: Canberra, Australia  

Hi Darling,

Well I got his passport today - never thought it would happen. They knew how to interfere in our lives when you were here and now, when we want something, they are not interested until of course this new bloke came on board. There should have been three of us travelling Laura, what a shame you didn't see light at the end of the tunnel - we could have been having so much fun now.

Love and miss you deeply baby girl, Mum XXX

05-16-2010 11:58 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Hello sweetheart

I am late...but wanted to say a Happy Mothers Day to you in Heaven. I know your own mum is just heartbroken Laura. I am sure Brandy misses his mum soooo much.,

Thinking of you Laura. Sending big hugs to you


05-09-2010 5:54 PM -- By: Mum,  From: Canberra, Australia  

Hi Darling, this should be getting a bit easier by now but instead it is getting harder. The tears come so freely now and I seem to have little control. How i miss you sweetheart - it is intolerable.

04-26-2010 12:59 AM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Hi sweety pie

Thinking of you. I have just seen an updated picture of your boy. Oh Laura, such a handsome young man. Such a shame you are not here to see him grow...but I guess you see him from afar.

Sleep sweet Laura

Love always

04-12-2010 12:31 AM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Hello sweet young lady

It has been a while since I visited but you have been in my thoughts.

Time is passing us all by but I know that the hurt of your loss is still as new as it was when you left this earth.

You are greatly missed Laura..by many

Know you are loved...HUGS 

03-24-2010 7:48 AM -- By: Bev,  From: Wamberal, NSW  

Hi Georgeous. I just spoke to your Mum and she says Bran starts work experience next Wednesday with a lovely bloke. She calls him Bob the Builder.

Bran is really looking forward to it and Mum says Bob will take him under his wing.

I am so pleased for him. I hope he becomes the best builder the ACT has ever seen!!! You must be so proud of him. I know we are.

02-24-2010 9:33 PM -- By: Mum,  From: Canberra  

I thought of you with l♥ve today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and the days before that too. I think of you in silence and I often speak your name. All I have is memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part. God has you in his keeping, I have you in.my ♥.

02-24-2010 9:30 PM -- By: Claire,  From: Canberra, Australia  

Mummy please don’t cry for me for I am not alone, an angel came and took my hand and said I must go home. At first I did not understand just what the angel meant, but he just gently took my hand and through the clouds we went. I felt a sense of happiness, oh mum it was the best, I soared so high just like a bird the w...ind against my chest. When we finally arrived my eyes could not believe, it truly is a paradise, I never want to leave Everyone here is smiling mum, kids laughing, playing games, no anger and no bitterness no fights or calling names. He took me to the pearly gates and ushered me inside, as soon as God laid eyes on me he stretched his arms out wide. God took me in his arms and said ‘”My child you’re finally here, I will give to you eternal life you’ll never shed a tear.” I have to go and leave you now there’s so much more to see, I have new friends, I’m safe now mum, I love you I am free.

01-30-2010 11:09 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Hello sweet lady

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and to tell you I am thinking of you and your mum and Brandan.

You are missed so much Laura. Know you are loved


01-20-2010 3:43 PM -- By: Bev,  From:  

Brandan's visit was great fun. The kids all got along really well. Lots of laughs. Your Mum was glad to have him back. She missed him so much. We arranged to meet her at the halfway mark and she was there much earlier than expected so decided to drive further along. She couldn't wait to see him. What a great young man you have there. What a wonderful sense of humour. He is so like his Mum. He has gone back home waterlogged from his many visits to the beach and his swims in the pool.I know you will be watching  over him in the coming year with all the challenges a new school will bring.

01-15-2010 5:09 PM -- By: Bev,  From: Wamberal  

Well beautiful lady we brought Brandan back with us for a little holiday with us. Bran spent a couple of days with Rochelle's kids in Canberra and they really hit it off. We only have him until early next week but hopefully he will enjoy it and come back again soon. We took them to Questacon yesterday and they had a ball. He offered to help Jess do her lung excercises in the car on the way back. He has your generous and kind heart.Lots of laughs on the way back to the coast so all is good. Rochelle nabbed him last night so he hasn't been to our place yet. We will all have dinner together tonight and he and Lachlan will come and stay here with John and I. He is dying to get into the pool.

You would be so proud of him.

12-31-2009 6:02 PM -- By: Bev and Jess,  From: Wamberal  

Happy New Year Laura. Jess was asking how Bran was going. I showed her the memorial so she could see what a beautiful Mum  you were.

We hope that Bran will enjoy his new school and make friends who will enhance his life. He is a beautiful soul and deserves to be surrounded by people who will nurture his generous and kind spirit.







12-31-2009 2:01 AM -- By: Cheryl Lennon,  From: Wollongong  

I did not know you Laura but rest in peace sweet one. Gone far too young..God has you in his house now and i pray you have found happiness.....FOREVER YOUNG

12-27-2009 5:57 PM -- By: susan,  From: Canberra  

Merry christmas in heaven sweet lady. You are missed by many and loved by more....bye sweetheart

12-25-2009 3:17 AM -- By: Sarah ,  From:  

Another Christmas goes by - I can't believe it's been three already.  Still feel the pain like it was yesterday.  I miss you so much. Please look after Brandy, I know he needs you more than ever. Wish I could tell you what I saw today, you would of laughed your pants off.  XO

12-06-2009 6:19 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Missing you gorgeous. Your darling boy is becoming a gorgeous young man. He is sooo handsome.He and Mum are both still hurting. You are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Please help to guide Brandan along his journey and let your Mum know you are beside her along the way.

11-26-2009 8:48 PM -- By: Gail Van Buren,  From: Waupun, Wisconsin  

To Christine and Lauras loved ones; I do understand the pain you are going through! If you get to go to my son's site, you will see how! We don't understand why these things happen, but if we keep our faith in God intact he will heal our broken hearts and give us the hope and strength to continue on. Jer29:11 God Bless You, I will be praying for your family!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Gail Van Buren (Topher's mummy)

11-21-2009 4:23 PM -- By: susan,  From: canberra  

hello beautiful girl. It sure is hot here Laura..

I saw your mum and her toosie pegs look great!. Another Xmas without you here sweety. Your family miss you so much ..Know you are loved

10-21-2009 9:21 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Hi gorgeous girl. Know I am thinking of you this beautiful spring day. Keep your mum safe as she travels overseas next week Laura. Send her some signs that you are with her. God Bless Laura.

10-04-2009 8:10 AM -- By: Rita K,  From: Toronto, Canada  

What a lovely memorial you have made. I am sure that she appreciates it and despite being sorry for what she did and the pain she caused you, she is happy in the spirit world, learning and growing still.

Try to feel her around. She is near. Forgive her and forgive yourself for what has passed. Try to be joyful that she is in a better place, where we all will return to in an ever endless cycle of rebirth. Know that you will meet again.

09-29-2009 11:06 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Hello sweetheart

Thinking of you gorgeous girl. I was talking with your mum and Laura she is hurting so bad without you. please come to her in her dreams dear Angel. God Bless sweetheart..know I think of you all the time

Love from Susie

09-14-2009 7:48 PM -- By: Bev,  From: Wamberal  

You are so sadly missed gorgeous lady.

09-08-2009 7:45 AM -- By: Sas,  From: USA Florida  

what a beautiful tribute to Laura...

blessings to you Christine as you go through every day.......hoping and having faith that it will get a bit easier on your heart.......

love Sas, Sharon Ann Scott

09-01-2009 1:08 AM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Oh Laura

Your mum is missing you so much as I am sure are many other people. Send some signs to your mummy Laura..she aches for you..

Nite sweetheart

08-31-2009 9:32 AM -- By: Brittany,  From: Kentucky  

Hi Christine! Thank you for your kind words. I have been working alot on his memorial. But I enjoy doing it. I love doing things in memory for my uncle. I have also recently created a Myspace page for him. I am just doing all kinds of things in his name. We also recently got his gravestone, so I decieded that I needed to update his memorial with pictures of his grave. It is absolutely beautiful! He would have loved it! Thanks again for stopping by! Its so nice to hear from you! How have you been? Talk to you soon!

Brittany & Angel Barry

07-15-2009 12:52 AM -- By: Drema Pearson,  From: in amandas heart forever  

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Laura. blessings sent your way. always watch over your handsome son for without his mom he will always be lost.happy belated angel day also!! drema & angel amanda faith

07-14-2009 10:14 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Happy birthday angel,  Diana mom to Randi


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