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Memorial created 08-14-2008 by
Christine Underwood
Laura Therese Underwood Hryhoriak
July 14 1976 - July 12 2007

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08-06-2017 1:14 AM -- By: Jordan Johnson,  From: United States  

I am absolutely sorry for your lost. I wish I could've helped

07-13-2017 5:49 PM -- By: Bev,  From:  

 Happy birthday beautiful. You are so missed.

07-12-2017 7:31 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Dear Christine, my heart goes out to you. May God give you and your grandson strength. God understands our deepest pain more than anyone else. Your beautiful Laura is in God's memory. Our loving Creator longs to bring back our dear loved ones to be with us in beautiful conditions on earth. Job 14:14,15, Psalm 37:11. I hope this brief message has given you a measure of comfort. ~ My Deepest Condolences 

08-22-2016 7:23 PM -- By: Christine Underwood,  From: Australia  

Hello Debra Lawson-Fields. I'd love to connect. Cmu9952@hotmail.com Our cousin in Texas is doing Underwood family tree. Helen Jones (nee Moore). I'm also on Facebook if you google me Christine.M.Underwood. Thanks so much for visiting my girl. Xxx

08-22-2016 4:48 PM -- By: Debra(Payne)Lawson-Fields,  From: Ohio,USA, living in Montana  

I am a distant Underwood relative, but when I saw Laura's name and the attached favorite hymn, "How Great Thou Art," I knew that I should send God's blessings to you, Laura's family & friends across the ocean. We do not understand just why God allows us to make our own "choices," when we are in emotional pain. Please pray for all Underwood cousins and related as others have had similar psychological distress over the generations. I hope that all of you understand the related biological chemistry as it is not just "sadness" from one's life as some still think nowadays. It was my dad's maternal grandmother who brought all of the Underwood cousins to our family. Our particular ancestor came to this continent in the 1600's and thought to have been a Society of Friends, also casually called "Quakers" in the USA, from Wales.  

07-23-2016 1:38 PM -- By: Wendy Foster,  From: Manjimup. WA  

 Just found this page Christine. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young woman. A sad story and one that is too common in todays world.


Love and Light xx


07-18-2016 6:38 AM -- By: Amanda ,  From: Canberra High  

On returning from the other side of the world for 10 years and catching up with other old friends from Canberra High when asking about you it was such a sad moment to hear you were gone much too soon. 

Such a beautiful girl in every way. You were a good friend Laura and as mishcevious as we were together you were such a wonderful person. So many funny times! I'll never forget you setting your pyjamas on fire lighting your fart with your brother Hahahaha.

my heart goes out to your family and all those that loved you! 

Rest peacefully Laura, forever beautiful xxx

07-14-2016 2:59 AM -- By: Christelnathan ,  From: Canberra  

Dear Laura Sorry I never met you. My thoughts are with you and your Family today. You just went ahead to wait for all of us. Love, Christel

07-14-2016 2:55 AM -- By: Mum,  From: Canberra, Australia  

Hey My Girl, Well this wasn't the way it was supposed to be - we should've been doing a trip overseas to celebrate this milestone. I'm at a loss for words this year - I just cannot express my feelings of loss and sorrow. I thought by now it would be easier but it just gets worse as I watch the other girls with their daughters doing what we used to do and still should be doing. Your boy isn't coping at all and I guess that is why this has been such a struggle this year. We miss you so very, very much. I just wish you could've hung on a bit longer - you would have seen that things eventually work themselves out. Happy angelversary and birthday my darling. I love and miss you, Mum XOX

07-13-2016 8:16 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 Happy 40th beautiful Laura. So many tears are still shed for you. I hope you know how missed you are, When your smile left this world it could never be replaced. xx



07-12-2016 11:12 AM -- By: Just a mom,  From: Tennessee  

I am just a mom who lost her son a year ago. My heart broke when his stopped beating. I did not know Laura, but I do know loss. I know the loss of a child. I had my son with me for 30 years, I wish I had 30 more. He left in a similar way as your daughter. My guilt at times is unrelenting. I miss him everyday. Your Laura is a beautiful girl, gone too soon. Today will be a hard day. Take care of yourself. We love them from their first breath till their last. I know she will be with you in spirit. You are not alone. Respectfully, Forever and always Ryan P Frye's Mom Jeanne

07-11-2016 10:06 PM -- By: Bev,  From: Port Macquarie  

 Such a sad day for everyone darling Laura. You should have been preparing to celebrate a significant birthday by dancing on the tables. Instead we shed tears because we miss your beautiful smile. Forever remembered with love. xx Bev and John

03-08-2016 12:27 PM -- By: Mick,  From: Born same place,now in Victoria  

 I feel for all those left behind,its very hard i have learn't, sorry i can't put my last name,Belconnen boy from Higgins.born 1972.

great site n good work,

Chin up n gotta keep going even if just 4 da kids.




09-03-2015 1:59 PM -- By: Mary Barrowman ,  From: Scotland  

Dear Christine, I have just read the beautiful story of your beautiful girl, Laura. How sad I feel for you. My own sister Alice died by suicide after taking an overdose of sleeping pills just 4days after her 30th Birthday, she died on the 23rd April 1984, and not a day goes by that I don't think of my sister whom I loved and lost in this world. I hope you are keeping well and you have done such a good job creating this beautiful memorial for your daughter. God Bless you Christine, love Mary. X

07-13-2015 2:26 AM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

8 years since you left :( I think of you often Laura and pray you are at peace.Know you are loved and missed by so many who know and love you

Sleep sweet....

07-11-2015 4:22 PM -- By: Bev,  From:  

You are forever in our hearts and forever missed.A smile that is never ever forgotten.

07-11-2015 8:34 AM -- By: Mum,  From: Canberra, Australia  

Eight years tomorrow! I can't believe where the time has gone but you're missed as much today as when you first left us. Why girl, why? Xxxxxx

04-03-2015 7:53 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

HAPPY EASTER Laura. Thinking of you and hope you are dancing with the Angeks and celebrating this blessed time

HUGS my sweet Laura

01-19-2015 3:45 PM -- By: Helen Jones,  From: Bellbridge, Vic  

 just letting you know Christine I'm always thinking of you. xx Helen

12-24-2014 9:03 AM -- By: Mum,  From: Canberra, Australia  

Well darling girl, another Christmas without you. Yesterday Jess and I watched videos of the three of us out at a Federation Square. It was lovely watching you both share those giggles. There was certainly a bond between the two of you. I miss you as much now as ever. Bran and I took your Christmas decorations to your grave beginning of December and that's always a lovely way to include you in our celebrations. I'll be thinking of you as I watch your son open his pressies in the morning. Love and miss you, Merry Christmas sweetheart, Mum xxx

12-24-2014 8:54 AM -- By: Cassie,  From: Australia  

We saw the outward smile But not your inner pain; We never really dreamt That you'd never smile again.

12-07-2014 4:31 PM -- By: Bev,  From:  

Another Christmas without your beautiful smile. Still so sadly missed.

09-12-2014 9:38 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Just popping in to let you know I am thinking of you and your family Laura. You are so missed and loved. Keep dancing with the Angels dear lady Love always

07-14-2014 6:46 AM -- By: Christine (Mum),  From: Canberra, Australia  

Seven years Laura. How did we get to here from where we were? I still have trouble getting my head around it all. I wish you could help your boy - it is getting harder for him each year. Missing you like crazy and sending you all my love, XXX

07-14-2014 6:43 AM -- By: Cheryl Lennon,  From: Wollongong  

<3 You are a beautifull Angel Laura,beautifull just like your Boy and your Mum ....special thoughts to all at this time xxxxxxx

05-24-2014 7:35 PM -- By: stacey,  From: usa  

beautiful, touching memorial. your Laura was a beautiful person. it was a privilege to read a bit about her life. thank you for sharing your love with us.

04-19-2014 9:11 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Happy Eatser Sweetheart..Thinkng of you today..No too much choccie ok? LOL

12-31-2013 8:08 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Just popping in to say a Happy NEW Year Laura.It is hard to believe another year ahead without you here. Take care sweetheart...HUGS

08-25-2013 2:10 AM -- By: Keira,  From: New Zealand  

 So beautiful

07-11-2013 11:45 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Canberra  

Sweet Angel hugs Laura....Thinking of you and your family on this day....


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